Tales of Conquest - digital 7"

by The First Part

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released August 22, 2015

produced by gary laney and the first part
engineered by gary laney at lakeside recording (lakesiderecordingstudio112@gmail.com)
all songs written by matthew johnston ASCAP
all songs published by palmwood music (palmwoodmusic@hotmail.com)
mastered by carl saff at saff mastering (saffmastering.com)



all rights reserved


The First Part San Angelo, Texas

Matthew Johnston: vocals/guitar, Jimmy Moore: bass, Matt Taylor: drums

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Track Name: Great Escape
i kinda like the way it was before we settled on another hand
the gray area between war and peace eating away at lungs
at best it was apocryphal and it's allegorical at worst
reinterpreting rewritten tales of conquest
citing the sources that won't prove a thing
it's clear my recollection has been skewed by misinformation holding court
over dozens of sympathetic eyes that only root deep the shame
i think we had our fill of nasty things we fed with zeal to open mouths
all available condiments providing nothing to mask the taste
we'll err on the side of cautious winds
plan a great escape to let everyone know we mean it
we'll fare well enough to stab again but we'll keep our exits free of obstacles
the anecdotal evidence i found will only serve to further this
bold affront to everything that's good and keeping alive the lie
posthumously you might give me one last parting thought and hold your mouth
open wide to let the good things flow out
slicing, thus forking your tongue
in a way it's just as real
just as hammers leave a dent when there's no nail to strike or thumb to smash into a bloody scream
fell in love fell outta line with your teeth stuck in my eye
i fell in love and outta line with your teeth still in my eye
Track Name: Spent Shells
crown your head with laurel and a sign warning all to approach with cautious feet
one should be ready to retreat
with your other eyes
with your other mouth
floating words to ears that were attuned to safety-blanket certainties
using what little was left of dignity we fought our way out
leaving several bodies in our wake
to justify such savagery we pointed at each other's hearts
turned to stare feet kicking through
spent shells
piled up and slept on
ignoring every morning after ache as a new normal takes the place
of every other head
every everything
biting hard to get a taste of something everybody else spat out
using what little...
blemishes on the face of every underhanded compliment
have a laugh at the noses we cut off
still you'll be the gauge i use
appraising every trinket
cataloged to catch dust
displayed in this private collection
using what little...